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      Welcome to the official website of Suzhou Hongkai Electronics Co., Ltd.!
      Service Hotline: 15151431008

      About Hongkai

      Established in 2012, Suzhou Hongkai Electronics Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company focusing on R & D, design and production of automation equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry, providing customers with the highest cost-effective products. Products cover computer, communications, networking, video, automotive electronics and other domestic and foreign processing and manufacturing industries in the application of automation products. The company has established an independent and perfect scientific research, production, and sales system, and has a high-level R & D and manufacturing team, including software, hardware, and software-hardware-compatible R & D, design, and production. It has successfully developed and produced a variety of electronic industry automation equipment. And established long-term technical cooperation relationship with a number of high-tech enterprises. With business and influence throughout the entire mainland, it has become a long-term partner for industrial customers to improve operational efficiency and create enterprise value, and has established a leadership position in the field of sub-boards and automation in China.

      Hongkai Philosophy

      Honesty:In the interactive relationship between the company, customers and employees, it adheres to a high degree of professional ethics and ethics, and establishes a faithful partnership with a commitment to mutual trust and mutual benefit.

      Enthusiasm:With a modest and enthusiastic attitude, strong ambition, and fast execution ability, adhere to high-quality services, expand the nature of services, cherish the opportunity to serve the crowd, and contribute individual value in the group society.

      Respect:Respect for corporate management, work professional rights and professionalism, cherish individual differences and all opinions among groups, embrace gratitude, and establish tolerance and forgiveness.

      Innovation:Breaking the tradition, going beyond the ordinary, and constantly looking for new and effective solutions and ideas.


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